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Composition Aide

Your songwriting and progressions will blossom armed with Chord Theory mastery.

The Chord Wheel will especially be valuable when composing your own progressions.  By gaining better control of the 'tension and release' inherent in progressions and within the art of Key modulation, the Chord Wheel will provide you with the tools absolutely necessary for inventive composition.

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Soloing & Improvisation

Talk about chops! Comprehend the key structure like never before.

If you're looking to improve your soloing skills, the best place to start is to get the best grasp of the underlying chord progression possible. If you can't indentify the structure and associated modulations, you can't effectively solo or improvise. And it's not just jazz.

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Instantly transpose any progression into each and every key, easily.

Let's face it, transposing is simply a necessary skill for all musicians. For arrangers, accompanists and composers its an absolute must. Well, now it's no longer a pain.

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Music Education

Take much of the complexity out of learning your invaluable theory for progressions.

While there are noted musicians who just 'wing it,' the vast majority are well studied. Many have music degrees from universities and quite a few have achieved greatness through private study. Whichever road you choose, the Chord Wheel will help get you there.

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The Chord Wheel really is an invaluable tool.  As you see above, there are four primary applications.  While there may be one or two particular uses that you'll appreciate now, each of the applications are an essential piece of becoming an acccomplished musician.  Simply click on any of the categories above to discover just how the Chord Wheel can help you understand the art and science of chord progressions.

One of the reasons for the success of The Chord Wheel is the wide range of musicianship levels that can leverage the device.  If you have a Masters degree in music and have retained your knowledge, then you might not need a leg up in understanding your theory.  Likewise, there have been some students at the very, very beginning of music study that have found it difficult to understand the need or uses of the device.  However, the vast majority of musicians (including many professionals and teachers) find The Chord Wheel and ideal "cheat sheet" for chord theory.  If you know how to play an Am chord but don't know how exactly how it's related to a C Major 7th, then The Chord Wheel is for you.

At the core of the device you will find a Circle of Fifths but don't be fooled; the utility of The Chord Wheel is far greater than any other 'circle of fifths wheel cutout' that you can freely download on-line.  There's a good reason that's it's a perennial best-seller.  Click on a category above to begin exploring just how it can help your understanding of music.