Your songwriting will blossom when armed with chord theory mastery.

Talk about chops! Comprehend the key structure like never before.

Instantly transpose any progression into each and every key.  Easily

Take complexity out of learning your invaluable chord theory.

Featured Testimonials

"I have given this information in lectures for years, but it's great to just tell people to go to your website and buy this thing. It's an amazing way to understand tonality and harmony."

Bonnie Hayes, Songwriter, Producer & Teacher

Resume’ :

“Have a Heart” and “Love Letter” from Bonnie Raitts’ multi-platinum, multi-Grammy ‘Nick of Time’

“Shelly’s Boyfriend” from Bonnie Hayes’ ‘Good Clean Fun’

Also written for: Huey Lewis and the News, Robert Cray, Cher, Bette Midler, etc., etc.



“What an invaluable tool. I use the Chord Wheel as the foundation for songwriting. I usually have some basic chords in mind, but using the Chord Wheel takes the guessing out of songwriting. I KNOW what the possibilities are just by looking. It really saves time and makes my job easier.”

Kellee Bradley, Songwriter

Resume' :

2002 USA Songwriting Finalist

2002 Washington Emerging Artist Award, sponsored by Redhook Brewery, Made in Washington Stores and NARAS (The Grammy People)

2002-03 ASCAP Award Winner







“I use the Chord Wheel in every songwriting class I teach. It’s an invaluable tool that allows my students who may be unfamiliar with Music Theory to quickly understand what to some is a very complex and daunting subject. I love the Chord Wheel and I recommend it!”

Jim Bruno, Songwriter & Teacher

Resume' :

San Francisco Bay Area based published songwriter and currently teaches Songwriting at Foothill College in Los Altos, California and at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley.

Songs he’s written have been recorded and released by Shawn Colvin, Mary Lou Lord, Cliff Eberhardt and Laurie MacAlister. Songs he’s co-written have been recorded and released by Chuck Prophet and Thad Cockrell





Ever since I got hold of The Chord Wheel, I refer to it nearly every time I'm writing a song. If I get stuck, for example, figuring out where to go musically with the bridge, or how I can make a more interesting chord progression within the key, I use The Chord Wheel. As a mostly self-taught musician, The Chord Wheel has consistently been my most reliable reference, and even allows me to better talk about my songs to my band and other professional musicians with whom I work.

Valerie Orth, Songwriter/Performer

Resume' :

“Sexy, soulful, genuine, and edgy” San Francisco Bay Guardian

“Completely intuitive composition style.”  East Bay Express

“There is an honesty to Valerie's music that is both brilliant and heartbreaking.” San Francisco Chronicle.